❝ In a world where humans are genetically modified to stop aging at 25, Sehun chases after the seconds and Jongin watches as they go by. ( 0001:00:00:06:34:01 | In Time!AU ) 

Jongin is coming over on Friday. Jongin, taking a bus for six hours from SoCal all the way to San Francisco to sleep on Sehun’s floor for the weekend. They’re not only meeting for the first time in person, but they’ll be living together for a few days. After Jongin had randomly brought up the idea, and it had been too tempting to ignore, Sehun had agreed to meeting him in person.
Tumblr famous ulzzang Sehun and b-boy Jongin meet ; by himchan.


"jongin, i need a doctor, call me a doctor”

"get up sehun, i need you, come back for fuck’s sake"

throwback → sekai at calvin klein world

( 05 ⋮ ? ) SEKAI FIC EDITS, continued from (x).
kkangpae (깡패) by spiritkitkat.

Chanhun being themselves

Sehun and Kai in Vogue Girl Magazine